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Custom Printed Pizza Boxes UK

Welcome to the home of premium, eco-friendly and cost-effective custom pizza boxes. Our personalised pizza boxes elevate your brand, ensure customer satisfaction and play their part in protecting the environment.

Why settle for plain and generic packaging when you can have unique custom pizza boxes that not only impress your customers but also align with your brand’s values? Order now to get a 10% discount on your first bulk purchase!


Our Popular Pizza Boxes

We create the perfect custom packaging Solutions for your pizzeria!

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Pizza Slice Boxes

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Pizza Wrapping Paper

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Why Choose Us As Pizza Box Manufacturer?

Personalised Designs

Personalised Designs

With our service, you get to choose from array of designs, sizes, shapes and materials. Your pizza boxes will be truly unique to your business, ensuring you stand out in the market.

Eco-friendly Materials

Eco-friendly Materials

Our cardboard pizza boxes are made from responsibly sourced and recyclable materials, helping to reduce the environmental impact of your business.

Food-safe Printing Inks

Food-safe Printing Inks

We use food-safe ink for all pizza box printing, guaranteeing that your customers receive their favourite pizza in premium and safe packaging.

Wholesale Prices & Discount

Wholesale Prices & Discount

Wholesale customers get the best prices and we accept small orders with no minimum order requirement. Order now to get a 10% discount on your first bulk purchase!


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There are different sizes available for custom pizza boxes. You can choose from small, medium, large and extra-large options to fit your specific pizza size and packaging needs.

Yes, custom pizza boxes can be used for other food items besides pizza. They’re versatile and can hold sandwiches, burgers, pastries and more.

Just customize the box size and design to fit your needs.

Yes, there are eco-friendly options for custom pizza boxes. Consider using sustainable materials like recycled cardboard or biodegradable materials.

These choices can help reduce your environmental impact and promote a greener image for your business.

Designing and producing custom pizza boxes can vary in time depending on your specific requirements. It’s best to contact us directly to discuss timelines and get a better understanding of how long the process will take.


Top quality service and printing

Printed pizza boxes from these guys are top-tier! The ability to fully customize the colour, style and size to our specific needs is a game-changer. We’ve saved a lot on our packaging costs thanks to their wholesale prices.

John, Pizzeria Owner Review
John Pizzeria Owner


Top-notch Quality & Exceptional Service

We’ve been ordering our pizza boxes from them for a while now. The quality is consistent, and the customization options let us brand our boxes just the way we want. Highly recommended for anyone in the pizza business!

Sarah - Client Review
Sarah, Manager

Pizza Chain, Manchester

Reliable and Efficient!

Switching to these custom printed pizza boxes was one of our best decisions. The boxes are sturdy and good looking, thanks to the customization options. Plus, the wholesale prices are unbeatable!

Tom, Restaurant Owner Feedback
Tom, Restaurant Owner


Custom Pizza Packaging Boxes | Wholesale Supplier

Looking for a way to make your pizza stand out? Custom pizza boxes are the answer. With endless design options, you can create a unique and eye-catching box that enhances your brand.

Whether you’re promoting a special event or simply want to set yourself apart from the competition, custom pizza boxes are the way to go.

Why Choose Custom Pizza Boxes?

Custom pizza boxes not only make your packaging aesthetically pleasing, but they also help build brand recognition and foster loyalty amongst your customers. They offer:

  1. Enhanced Branding: Custom printed pizza boxes allow your brand’s logo, name and colours to be prominently displayed on every order, reinforcing your brand identity.
  2. Increased Customer Loyalty: Branded pizza boxes show customers that you care about their experience. Attention to detail and a consistent presentation can significantly impact customer perception and keep them coming back for more.
  3. Positive Environmental Impact: By using eco-friendly materials and promoting sustainability, your business can appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers, thus expanding your customer base.

Benefits of Custom Pizza Boxes

Custom pizza boxes offer you a convenient and eye-catching way to showcase your brand. These customized boxes not only serve as a practical solution for packaging your delicious pizzas but also act as a powerful marketing tool.

By incorporating your brand’s logo and design into the pizza boxes, you create a lasting impression on your customers. Imagine the excitement when your customers receive their pizza in a box that proudly displays your unique branding elements. Not only does it enhance the overall customer experience, but it also helps in building brand recognition and loyalty.

Furthermore, custom pizza boxes can be tailored to fit different sizes and shapes, ensuring that your pizzas are delivered in a secure and presentable manner.

Design Options for Custom Pizza Boxes

You can choose from a variety of design options for your personalized pizza packaging. With custom pizza boxes, you have the freedom to showcase your brand’s unique identity and create a lasting impression on your customers.

One popular design option is to incorporate your logo and brand colours onto the box, ensuring that your brand is instantly recognizable. You can also consider adding eye-catching graphics or illustrations that reflect the style of your pizzeria.

Another option is to include relevant information such as contact details, social media handles or your website URL on the box, making it easy for customers to connect with you.

Additionally, you can experiment with different box shapes and sizes to cater to specific pizza types or portion sizes.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing your custom pizza boxes.

Custom Pizza Boxes for Promotions and Special Events

To promote your brand and make special events memorable, consider using personalised packaging that showcases your unique identity.

Personalised pizza boxes are a fantastic way to create a lasting impression on your customers and stand out from the competition. By incorporating your brand logo, colours and messaging onto the pizza boxes, you can create a visually appealing and cohesive experience for your customers.

Whether you’re hosting a promotional event or catering a special occasion, customized pizza boxes can add a touch of professionalism and uniqueness to your brand.

Imagine the delight on your customers’ faces when they receive their piping hot pizza in a box that not only keeps the pizza fresh but also distinctively represents your brand.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make a lasting impact and build brand loyalty with personalized packaging for your pizza.

Choosing the Right Pizza Box Supplier

If you want to ensure that your brand is represented accurately and professionally, it’s important to choose the right supplier for your personalized packaging needs. When it comes to custom pizza boxes, finding a reliable and experienced supplier can make all the difference.

Look for a supplier who understands your specific requirements and can provide high-quality boxes that reflect the uniqueness of your brand. A good supplier will offer a wide range of customizable options including different sizes, materials and printing techniques. They should also be able to deliver your orders on time and within your budget.

Pizza Packaging Solutions offers all kinds of custom pizza boxes at wholesale rates, with no minimum order quantity. You can order any size box in any material you prefer.

Don’t forget to read our reviews and ask for samples to ensure that our products meet your standards. By choosing us as your pizza box supplier, you can enhance your brand’s image and create a memorable experience for your customers.


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